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The New Non-Profit Organization Creating A Change For Small Businesses

Updated: Feb 26

Galilee Life Alliance, Inc. is a 501c non-profit organization created to link small businesses to angel investors and free money.

Galilee Life Alliance, Inc. stems from Galilee Life, a for profit Christian Marketplace for small business owners, founded by Neivis Paulino.

"Small businesses need a lot of support. Especially the kind of support that involves small to large amounts of money."

Neivis Paulino began her journey as a small business owner and understands the need for not just the thousands of dollars that other companies and investors offer, but the $20, $30, and $100 dollars that really make a difference. She understood from early on this exact phrase; "It takes money to make money." Neivis understood that spending her life savings to start a project, no matter what it was, was not enough, as constant payouts for marketing, shipping labels for products, inventory, and so much more continued to pile on.

The Hope

Let's face it, everyone hopes for the thousands of dollars they can receive when applying for a grant, or finding investors, but unfortunately, many small businesses are not up to par with the many requirements to be able to obtain that kind of money. A huge applause for all of the ones that have been able to, but those that have not, need another avenue. This avenue is Galilee Life Alliance, Inc; as support comes in all different sizes, and we are here for it. Another learned phrase; "A little always goes a long way." This phrase became so real when she was faced with trying times and needed money for website issues. Supporting small businesses does not only mean buying a product, support also means, here's $5, 20, 30, or the cost of shipping for a product to help just a little. Support a small business that you may not want to buy their products, but the dreams and stories motivate you, and move you to tears. Those are the businesses that you can support today.

Galilee Life Alliance will help find the money, the resources, with the help of small businesses to plant that growing seed and encouragement to continue pursuing dreams.

Success is a certainty for us. There's no doubt about where God will take our small businesses because we already have the greatest investor of all, Jesus. God will supply our needs and through faith and acts of kindness, we will all go along way.

GL Alliance, Inc.

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