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"As we sow, so shall we reap." - Galatians 6:7

At Galilee Life Alliance, we believe in sowing into the growth of faith-based and Christian-focused small businesses. We are pleased to announce our quarterly grant opportunity, where we will select a small business to receive blessings worth $1,000 in grant money and prizes.

For this quarter, please submit your grant application by April 20, 2024, as we eagerly await the opportunity to bless and uplift a deserving business.

Our bountiful prize package includes:

  • A $300 Visa Gift Card, a testament to the prosperity that faith brings.

  • A 30-minute small business strategy session with our Founder, Neivis Paulino ($300 value), offering guidance and wisdom.

  • A promotional apparel piece adorned with your business logo ($40 value), a symbol of the faith you put in your venture.

  • A discounted vendor membership on Galilee Life Christian Marketplace, aligning your business with our faith-driven community.

  • Complimentary one-page feature in the Galilee Life Christian Magazine ($110 value), to share your faith-based business story with our readers.

  • 100 customized Poly mailers and 100 customized business cards ($100 value), equipping you for prosperous outreach.

Our ultimate goal is to provide more than just financial support; it's about nurturing your business's growth through this grant opportunity. Your business could be next in line for God's blessings! Please complete the form below and share why YOU believe your business deserves this divine opportunity.

Please remember, this grant opportunity is exclusively for faith-based and Christian-focused businesses. These grants are bestowed in close partnership with Galilee Life Christian Marketplace, reflecting our shared mission and values. Additionally, please be mindful that the $10 application fee is a sacred investment in your business's future, and it is non-refundable.

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